Who Szajda Saints Is…

Szajda Saints was established in the early 2000’s with the purchase of my first show dog.  Since that time I have owned, bred and shown several more Champion and Grand Champion dogs in both the US and Canada.

I was born into the world of Saints, I was raised with several companion Saints and then became involved with Saint Rescue in 1997 after my family adopted our first rescued Saint.  It was with that adoption that the Saint Bernard breed became a passion.

I became active in Rescue in 2005 with the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation Inc, helping to cover the states of CT and RI.

I currently compete with my dogs in conformation, obedience, rally obedience and I even dable in agility. My Saints also participate in Carting, flyball, doggie free-style and water sports. I am a member of the New England Saint Bernard Club and the Saint Bernard Club of America.

I am always looking forward to growing my Saint family and continuing on in competitive events.