Thank you for your interest in our St. Bernards. We believe our dogs represent some of the best qualities of the breed; excellent temperaments, good health, wonderful family companions and conformation to the breed standard. All of our Saints have been carefully chosen and lovingly raised in our home and trained by us in Confirmation, Obedience, Agility and Carting and Weight pulling. 

We let our puppies go to their new homes at 8-10 weeks of age as long as each one is growing steadily and is cleared by our veterinarian as healthy and ready to travel. Before going home they will have first vaccinations and been de-wormed. 

We are committed to finding the best homes for our puppies. Below are a series of questions that will help us determine homes where our puppies will be able to reach their full potential. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. Your answers will help us determine which is puppy is more suitable for your home. 

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to be put on our waiting list. Puppies are selected in deposit order at 8 weeks of age and after show evaluations are complete. Your deposit ensures a puppy in general, I do not accept deposits on a specific type of puppy (i.e. rough coat male) as I have no control over what someone might pick higher on the list.  I allow for everyone to meet the puppies in person, see their personalities and then pick based on which personality best fits their lifestyle.  This sometimes means a family might change from one gender to another or one coat type to another.  If you send a deposit and at 8 weeks you are looking for a specific type of puppy and that is not available the deposit is nonrefundable and not moved to the next litter.  

Families who have placed deposits may visit by appointment after 6 weeks of age at the breeder’s discretion.